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80 minutes from Tokyo! Tea picking experience that you can enjoy on a day trip ~ tea-growing district of Sayama’s “Miyano-En” ~

Sayama tea is one of “Japan’s three famous teas” that is closest to Tokyo, located in Sayama, Saitama,

where you can have a tea picking experience.

The venue also has the option to wear popular tea girl costumes.

Tea picking while wearing tea girl costumes creates a rare photogenic opportunity.

The tea shoots at Miyano-En lasts from May to October.


In addition, in the “Matcha Experience”, you can enjoy Matcha without going to a stone mill school and learning the proper etiquette. This experience with matcha art is something you will reflexively take pictures of. There are many other hands-on experiences offered.


After finishing this tea picking experience, you can add the tea leaves to a teapot and pour hot water over them to enjoy and relax with its taste and aroma. Moreover, this is the only place where you can eat tea tempura (deep fried tea leaves).


The tea picking experience is outdoors, so it may be canceled due to bad weather. Reservations for this experience is needed, so we await your contact.


Official site
Green tea picking experience \1,000~(Negotiable)
MATCHA experience \2,500~ (Negotiable)
※Please book by phone or E-mail in advance.
Green tea picking experience is held
in early May ~late October (only fresh green tea season).
※Store:Basically 365 days.
Green Tea picking experience AM10:00~,PM1:00~
Closed Irregular(Please contact with us before coming)
Address 25-2, Kitairiso, Sayama-shi, Saitama, 350-1315, Japan
Access Station:Iriso (Seibu Shinjuku Line) about 10min by taxi/about 40min on foot(*Bus No line)

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