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Cherry Blossoms at Gongendo Park

“Gongendo Park Sakura Tsutsumi” is a famous sakura viewing area, which has a sakura tunnel with about 1,000 blooming sakura, making the tunnel over 1 km in length. In addition, rape blossoms bloom next to the cherry blossom tunnel, so you can see the contrast between the pale pink cherry blossoms and the yellow rape blossoms.

About 3,000 sakura trees were planted about 100 years ago, and became Saitama Prefecture’s best cherry blossoms viewing spot.

During the sakura festival, gourmets in Japan can enjoy the 100 shops that will be open at this time.

Admission Fee Free Admission

Opening 24 hours

Best time Late of March to Early April

Address In the Uchigouma district,Satte-shi


Public Transportation

35 minutes on foot from Satte Station on the Tobu Nikko Line

or ride the Asahi Bus bound for “Gokamachi Yakuba”, then get off at “Gongendo”


10 minutes from Satte IC on the Ken-O Expressway

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