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Soka Matsubara from the Edo period

Soka Matsubara is a 1.5 km promenade along the Ayase River, which flows north and south in the center of Soka City, and has pine trees on both sides.
It is located on the northern side of the Old Soka-syuku, which was a station town of the Nikko Kaido Road. Pine trees were planted at the begining of Soka-syuku in 1630 and is a famous part of the Nikko Road.
The pine trees along this highway watches over the people passing by, and is considered one of a series of landscapes that convey the atmosphere of the Edo period.


Admission Fee Free
Address 1 Sakae-cho,Soka-shi
Public Transport
5 minutes on foot from Matsubaradanchi Station on the Tobu Isesaki Line
5 minutes from Soka IC on the Tokyo Gaikan Expressway
Official site

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