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Western AreaIruma City

Johnson Town

In Johnson Town, you can find residential areas consisting of traditional American one-floor houses called "Beigun (American army) House" mixed with modern low-rise architecture known as "Heisei House". The area also features trees and green lawns making it resemble an American suburban neighborhood. Furthermore, there are over 50 unique shops, bursting with originality, making it a popular area for shopping-lovers.

Tour / Experience facilities Products / Direct sales shops

Basic Information

Tourist spot name
Johnson Town
Saitama Prefecture Iruma Higashimachi 1-6-1
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Business hours / Fee

Business hours
Depends on the shop


Public transport
Get off at "Iruma" of Seibu Ikebukuro Line and walk for about 18 minutes (3 minutes via taxi)
Ken-o Expressway Approximately 5 kilometers from Irima Exit and is 10 minutes away
Fully-equipped Coin Parking 86 spaces available for parking
Weekdays: Free for 30 minutes after parking
Will be charged 200 yen per 60 minutes and a maximum of 800 yen for 24 hours
Weekends/Holidays: 200 yen per 30 minutes after parking and a maximum of 1,000 yen for 24 hours

Some of the shops at Johnson Town offer parking service tickets. Please ask about the service tickets at each shop as each shop differs in service.

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