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Chichibu Fudasho Number 10 Mt.Banshouzan ・Daijiji Temple|CHOCOTABI SAITAMA


Sightseeing spot

Chichibu AreaYokoze Town

Chichibu Fudasho Number 10 Mt.Banshouzan ・Daijiji Temple

There is “Obinzurusama”, which goes with the saying that it is good to rub a part of the body that is in pain. In spring, the rare Bukoumamezakura blooms cutely, making it a pleasant view for the eyes of visitors. In addition, the animated movie, “The Anthem of the Heart” was based off of this location. The entrance’s “Enmei Jizō (life-prolonging Jizō)” is the mark.

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Basic Information

Tourist spot name
Chichibu Fudasho Number 10 Mt.Banshouzan ・Daijiji Temple
Yokozemachi Ooaza Yokoze 5151
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Business hours / Fee

Business hours
8:00 ~ 17:00


Public transport
Get off at “Yokoze Station” of Seibu Chichibu Line and walk for about 20 minutes
About 42 minutes from "Hanazono" Interchange of Kan-Etsu Expressway (Using a toll road)
Free: Yes
Medium-sized Buses Available
Fee: None
Normal Cars 20 spaces

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