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Saitama Breeding Farm Coporation SAIBOKU|CHOCOTABI SAITAMA


Sightseeing spot

Western AreaHidaka City

Saitama Breeding Farm Coporation SAIBOKU

Established in 1946, with our slogan being “from the farm to the dining table”, we utilize pigs that have been raised on our farm to create and sell secure, safe, and tasty ham and sausage. The quality has been approved by the heart of processed meat, Germany, and has been rewarded multiple gold medals in international food contests. With the theme being pork and health, there is delicious gourmet to be found within the park along with a farmer’s market for fresh local vegetables and a natural hot spring for relaxation, making it a theme park where one can enjoy the whole day.

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Basic Information

Tourist spot name
Saitama Breeding Farm Coporation SAIBOKU
Saitama Prefecture Hidaka Shimooyazawa 546
Home page
Meat Shop・Onsen Building・Restaurant・Vegetable Market・Athletic Plaza


Public transport
Tsurugashima Station of Tobu Tojo Line Tobu Bus headed for “Saiboku” 25 minutes
1000 spaces

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