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Western AreaRanzan Town

Ranzan Gorge

Ranzan Keikoku Gorge is a famous scenic spot in Saitama prefecture known for its stone pavement, clear stream of the Tsukikawa River, and a rich natural environment.
Especially in the area called Hosohara, which extends from Mt. Ohira, the river suddenly turns 180 degrees, creating a unique peninsula-like terrain. The beautiful scenery of the valley and the surrounding red pine forest is very similar to Arashiyama in Kyoto. This is also the reason for the name Ranzan which is another way to pronounce the kanji-signs for Arashiyama.

Scenery / Landscape

Basic Information

Tourist spot name
Ranzan Gorge
2627 Kamagata, Ranzan-cho, Hiki-gun, Saitama Prefecture
0493-81-4511(Ranzan Town Tourism Association)0493-81-4511(Ranzan Town Tourism Association)
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Event information
Mid-November to early December


Public transport
40 minutes walk from Musashi Ranzan station, Tobu Tojo line.
7 minutes by bus bound for Hikage Shuten from Musashi Ranzan station, Tobu line. Get off at the bus stop "Kyuyouchi Iriguchi (BBQ site)" and walk for 15 minutes.

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