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  • Eastern AreaSoka City

    Zensouan Hakutai-no-Kakaku

    This single-floor wooden house, built using the architectural style called 'Sukiya,' has been praised and writte…

    Historical and Cultural facilities

  • Eastern AreaSoka City

    Sōkashuku Basho-an

    An old resting house for travelers, built from local cedar and cypress trees, was remodeled and opened on May 16…

  • Eastern AreaSoka City

    Sōkashuku Shinmei-an

    Restored and preserved 'Machiya' type building of the end of the Edo period . In July 2011, it opened up as a re…

  • Eastern AreaGyoda City

    Haniwa no Yakata

    At the building of Haniwa located inside the Saitama Kofun Group, anyone can experience making their own Haniwa …

    Tour / Experience facilities Products / Direct sales shops

  • Eastern AreaGyoda City

    Oshi Castle Ruins ・Gyōda City Local Museum

    Oshi Castle has been counted as one of the 7 famous castles in the Kanto region; it was built in the civilizatio…

    Museums Historical and Cultural facilities Parks / Gardens Scenery / Landscape Tour / Experience facilities

  • Eastern AreaGyoda City

    Kodaihasu no Sato

    From mid-June to early August, 12,000 stocks of 42 different types of lotus flowers bloom on the surface of the …

    Museums Parks / Gardens Scenery / Landscape Flower Tour / Experience facilities Restaurants Sweets Products / Direct sales shops

  • Eastern AreaGyoda City

    Tourist Information Center Buratto ♪ Gyōda

    Here you can find everything from tourism information to rental bikes. There is a rich selection of unique produ…

    Sweets Other Products / Direct sales shops

  • Eastern AreaGyoda City

    Gyōda Hachiman Shrine

    Gyōdahachiman Shrine is called “Fūji-no-miya (Palace of Sealing)” due to its secret method of praying which help…

    Temples and Shrines Scenery / Landscape

  • Eastern AreaKazo City

    Border of Three Prefectures (Border that extends over Tochigi City, Tochig…

    The border for three prefectures lies across Ibaraki Prefecture’s Ibaraki City, Gunma prefecture’s Itakura Town,…

    Scenery / Landscape

  • Eastern AreaGyoda City

    Sakitama (Saiwai no Mitama) Shrine

    The Sakitama Shrine holds a history of a thousand and a few hundred years and is an ancient shrine with a majest…

    Temples and Shrines Scenery / Landscape Flower

  • Eastern AreaKasukabe City


    At this cafe, you can enjoy the brown rice lunch plate rich with vegetables. They also sell rice crackers separa…


  • Eastern AreaKasukabe City

    Sanshu Sohonpo Takesato Main Branch

    Purchases can be made from 1 piece of sembei (Japanese rice crackers). We have more than 30 flavors available. O…


  • Eastern AreaKasukabe City

    Kasukabe Hot Spring Yuraku-no-sato

    The hot spring that flows from 1,500 meters below ground, scored a maximum score of a 5 under 6 categories durin…

    One-day bathing and leisure facilities

  • Eastern AreaKasukabe City

    Metropolital Area Outer Underground Discharge Channel

    In hopes of having the role of the “Metropolitan Area Outer Underground Discharge Channel”, a regional flood con…

    Scenery / Landscape Tour / Experience facilities

  • Eastern AreaShiraoka City

    Ancient Lotus Pond

    Around 200 flowers bloom here during the peak season. Based on analytic results, this flower is an ancient form…

  • Eastern AreaGyoda City

    Saitama Prefectural Museum of Sakitama Ancient Burial Mounds

    From the “Sakitama Kofun (Tumulus)” built between the late 5th century to the early 7th century to the national …

  • Eastern AreaKazo City

    Roadside station Kazo-Watarase

    Located by the roadside station, Lake Yanaka (Watarase Retarding Ground) can be fully viewed. There is a facilit…

    Restaurants Sweets Products / Direct sales shops

  • Eastern AreaKazo City

    Local historical materials exhibition room (Kisai Castle)

    Although the historical Kisai Castle was a one-story building enclosed by earthworks and walls, it was restored …

    Historical and Cultural facilities

  • Eastern AreaKazo City


    Saitama’s northern region’s first authentic art museum opened in May of 2001 and is built around the concept of …


  • Eastern AreaKazo City

    Hokusai Art Museum

    This is a museum that exhibits the collection of pictures and sculptures owned by Tabei Jinichi. Along with t…