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  • Northern AreaKamikawa Town

    Yamaki Brewery Direct Sales Store “Koujian”

    Miso, soy sauce, tofu, yuba, fries, pickles, and even sweets, everything crafted with utmost care for both ingre…

    Tour / Experience facilities Restaurants Products / Direct sales shops

  • Northern AreaMisato Town

    Dogtooth violet

    As spring approaches, bunches of Asian fawn lily spread in the mountains and forests of the Tsuburata district. …


  • Northern AreaKumagaya City

    Kumagaya Hot Spring Yuraku no Sato

    The "tanjun (simple)" hot spring, a variety of hot spring common among the top hot springs, can be enjoyed here …

    One-day bathing and leisure facilities

  • Northern AreaHonjo City

    Kyoshinsha Mohan Sanshitsu

    Built in 1984 by Kimura Kuzō, a company that put in their utmost effort to improve the technique of sericulture …

    Historical and Cultural facilities

  • Northern AreaHonjo City

    Former Honjō Commercial Bank Brick Warehouse

    The warehouse made of bricks built in 1896 was used for the storage of cocoons and silk, supporting the silk ind…

    Historical and Cultural facilities

  • Northern AreaKumagaya City

    Gonda Shuzo Co., Ltd.

    Established at the end of Edo’s Kaei period (1850), Japanese sake, ume liqueur, sake lees are sold at the old-fa…

    Tour / Experience facilities Sake

  • Northern AreaHonjo City

    Saitama Grand Hotel Honjo

    Situated at a good location in front of Honjō Station of JR Takasaki Line, weddings, parties, meetings, meals, a…


  • Northern AreaKumagaya City

    Hotel City Field Kagohara

    Located in front of the station, the first train of JR Takasaki Line leaves this station and is the last train s…


  • Northern AreaKumagaya City

    Menuma Shodenzan

    Menuma Shōdenzan is known to be one of Japan’s three Shōten and is said to bring success, health to the family, …

    Festivals and Traditional performing arts

  • Northern AreaFukaya City

    Aketo Farmer’s Market

    Aketo Farmers' Market is founded from investments by local farmers who have the desire to provide fresh vegetabl…

    Products / Direct sales shops

  • Northern AreaFukaya City

    Eiichi Shibusawa Memorial Hall

    Opened on November 11th, 1995 (the same month and day when Shibusawa Eiichi passed away). Inside the material ro…

    Museums Historical and Cultural facilities

  • Northern AreaHonjo City

    Fureai no sato Izumi-tei

    A shop with handmade soba that uses 100% local buckwheat flour. It is a store that uses Saitama Prefecture’s spe…

    Tour / Experience facilities Restaurants

  • Northern AreaHonjo City

    Seishin-in Hyakutai Kannon-do

    Jyōshinin Hyakutai Kannon-dō, commonly called, “Sazaedō”, was built to pray for the victims of the great eruptio…

    Historical and Cultural facilities Temples and Shrines

  • Northern AreaHonjo City

    Hanawa Hokiichi Memorial Hall

    This is a memorial house for Hanawa Hokiichi, a blind Japanese classical scholar who lived in the mid-Edo period…

    Museums Historical and Cultural facilities

  • Northern AreaHonjo City

    Honjō City Information Center

    This is a tourist information center located in the Honjō Station of JR Takasaki Line. Pamphlets related to tou…

    Products / Direct sales shops

  • Northern AreaYorii Town

    Saitama Museum of Rivers

    The Saitama Museum of Rivers is an experience-oriented comprehensive museum centering around the Arakawa river w…

    Museums Tour / Experience facilities

  • Northern AreaKamisato Town

    Kamisato Cantare

    “Cantare” means “to sing” in Italian. At this garden with its vibrant and fun atmosphere, much like in the Sout…

  • Northern AreaFukaya City

    Hanazono Forest

    Hanazono Forest is two minutes away from the Hanazono Interchange via car and is a sweets theme park with the th…


  • Northern AreaKumagaya City

    Toki-no-Yu Onsen Hotel Heritage

    Only an hour away from Tokyo. It is a natural hot spring resort surrounded by the deep and quiet forest of the S…

  • Northern AreaFukaya City

    Kikuizumi Brewery

    This sake brewery is a guardian of traditional techniques that have been around since 1863. "Tradition is innova…