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  • Western AreaNamegawa Town

    Musashi-Kyuryo National Government Park

    The Musashi-Kyuryo National Government Park was built to commemorate the 100 years of the Meiji era. Musashi-Kyu…

    Parks / Gardens

  • Western AreaHatoyama Town

    Ishizaka no Mori

    The Ishizaka no Mori, is a mountain village where you can easily come in contact with the vast nature. Many …

    Parks / Gardens Scenery / Landscape Flower

  • Western AreaRanzan Town

    Kijin Shrine

    It started in 1182 when Hatakeyama Shigetada offered a statue of a devil holding an iron rod to protect people f…

    Temples and Shrines

  • Western AreaSakado City

    Seitenkyu Temple

    The largest Taiwanese Shinto shrine in Japan. The gorgeous structure is worth seeing. The spiral ceiling assembl…

    Historical and Cultural facilities Temples and Shrines

  • Western AreaNamegawa Town

    Namegawa Town Eco Museum Center

    The nature and the culture of Namegawa town is structured to resemble a museum, with the Eco-Museum Center actin…

  • Western AreaNamegawa Town

    Iko-no-Sato Fishing Park

    This fishing pond is very accessible, located approximately 9 kilometers (about 15 minutes) from the Higashi Mat…

  • Western AreaNamegawa Town

    Namegawa Farmers’ Market

    Here you can find local vegetables and fruits harvested in Namegawa. We recommend the freshly polished white ri…

  • Western AreaNamegawa Town

    Mt.Ninomiya Observatory

    The observatory at Mt. Ninomiya is the highest point in town, with an altitude of 131.8 meters. And needless to …

  • Western AreaKawajima Town

    Kinbue Syoyu Park

    You can experience the aspects: “to eat,” “to learn,” “to buy,” “to play” at Saitama Prefecture Kawajima-machi’s…

  • Western AreaIruma City

    Iruma City Cultural Creation Atelier “AMIGO!”

    AMIGO! In Spanish, it means “friend” or “fellow”. The Iruma City Cultural Creation Atelier is commonly known as …

    Tour / Experience facilities

  • Western AreaIruma City

    Iruma City Museum ALIT

    This is a museum with the main theme being tea. Ample resources for learning are available on a range of topics …


  • Western AreaTokigawa Town

    Ōno Specialty Products Store (Farmers’ Market)

    As you go through the mountain road, you will see a direct sales store built from Japanese cypress. It specializ…

  • Western AreaTokigawa Town

    Fureai no sato Tamagawa (Farmers’ Market)

    This is a facility made in 2006 for “farmers” x “merchants” as a base for revitalizing the area. The line-up con…

    Products / Direct sales shops

  • Western AreaTokigawa Town

    Joinery Hall

    Being rich in wood, Tokigawa Town’s local industry is prominent in the production of fixtures. Products beings s…

  • Western AreaTokigawa Town

    Ki-no-mura Camp Site

    This is a campsite surrounded by trees alongside the ravine of the Tokigawa River. The facility is well-equipped…

  • Western AreaTokigawa Town

    Ki-no-mura Products Store

    Fresh vegetables and locally-produced eggs harvested by more than 130 local farmers along with handmade dishes (…

  • Western AreaRanzan Town

    Saitama Prefectural Ranzan Historical Museum

    Our building is located in a place that has undergone a transition from the Kamakura period’s samurai’s palace, …


  • Western AreaTokigawa Town

    Tokigawa Shikisai-kan

    This is a day trip hot spring facility that was built by relocating an ancient house. Located close to the Tokig…

  • Western AreaSayama City


    As said in the "Sayama tea picking song", "Shizuoka is color, Uji is the scent, but flavor, that is limited to S…

    Products / Direct sales shops

  • Western AreaHanno City

    Miyazawako Hot Spring Kirari Villa

    Other than natural hot springs, low in alkalinity, said to have effects similar to the so-called "beauty baths",…

    One-day bathing and leisure facilities

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