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Sightseeing spot

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  • Western AreaKawagoe City

    Matsumoto Craft Soy Sauce

    Matsumoto Shoyu store has been making soy sauce at Kawagoe for 250 years. The soy brewery is established in 1831…

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  • Eastern AreaGyoda City

    Yokota Brewery

    In 1805 a traveling merchant from the former Oomi province, the current Shiga prefecture, arrived in Gyoda city …

    Tour / Experience facilities Sake

  • Chichibu AreaChichibu City

    Chichibu Omotesando Lab.

    By the road leading up to Chichibu Shrine, you can find this traditional building renovated into a multi-functio…

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  • Chichibu AreaChichibu City

    Chichibu Geo Gravity Park

    The suspension bridge over Arakawa valley is a great place to enjoy activities utilizing gravity! Strap up with…

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  • Northern AreaFukaya City

    Kikuizumi Brewery

    This sake brewery is a guardian of traditional techniques that have been around since 1863. "Tradition is innova…

  • Chichibu AreaChichibu City

    Forest Adventure Chichibu

    In Chichibu Muse park's "Forest of Sports," there is a facility that anyone can enjoy regardless of age! In a m…

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  • Eastern AreaKoshigaya City


    Hanataen is a circular water garden of about 2 hectares that is centered around a beautiful pond and displays Ja…


  • Western AreaOgose Town

    Ogose Bairin

    The plums of Ogose are said to originate from the Dazaifu Tenmangu shrine in Fukuoka before they were moved and …


  • Northern AreaKamikawa Town

    Jomine Park

    This park is a natural trail in the Tokyo metropolitan area. On the north side, you have Shimokubo Dam (Kanna La…


  • Northern AreaKamikawa Town

    Kanasana Shrine

    It is one of the most prestigious shrines in the prefecture, and since it is dedicated to Mt. Omuro, which is co…

    Temples and Shrines

  • Chichibu AreaOgano Town

    Onouchi Gorge

    Refresh your soul in this natural environment consisting of a beautiful waterfall and a gorge that has been carv…

    Scenery / Landscape

  • Chichibu AreaOgano Town

    Marugami Waterfall

    It is the only waterfall in Saitama Prefecture that has been selected as one of Japan's 100 best waterfalls. Th…

    Scenery / Landscape

  • Northern AreaYorii Town

    Hachigata Castle ruins

    Hachigata Castle is a typical castle from the Warring States period and selected as one of the 100 famous castle…

    Historical and Cultural facilities

  • Chichibu AreaNagatoro Town

    Nagatoro Sakura (Kita-zakura Street and the Sakura Passage)

    Kita-zakura Street is a tunnel of cherry blossoms, with about 400 cherry blossoms lined up for about 2.5 kilomet…

    Scenery / Landscape Flower

  • Chichibu AreaNagatoro Town

    Mt. Hodo Umehyakkaen Garden

    Plum planting began in 1986 at Ume Hyakkaen Garden. You can enjoy about 170 varieties of plum flowers, includin…


  • Western AreaYoshimi Town

    Yoshimi Hundred Caves

    The Yoshimi Hundred Caves is a horizontal hole tomb built at the end of the Kofun period (late 6th to late 7th c…

    Historical and Cultural facilities

  • Chichibu AreaYokoze Town

    Icicles of Ashigakubo

    The artificially created icicles, which are made by using the slope of the mountain to constently spray water fr…

    Scenery / Landscape

  • Western AreaHidaka City

    Kinchakuda Red Spider Lily Park

    The Kinchakuda park was formed by the zigzagging flow of the Koma River that runs through Hidaka City. Because i…

    Scenery / Landscape Flower

  • Western AreaMoroyama Town

    Izumo Iwai Shrine and Horseback archery

    Izumo Iwai Shrine is the oldest shrine in the prefecture and the stage for a powerful display of horseback arche…

    Festivals and Traditional performing arts

  • Western AreaRanzan Town

    Ranzan Gorge

    Ranzan Keikoku Gorge is a famous scenic spot in Saitama prefecture known for its stone pavement, clear stream of…

    Scenery / Landscape

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