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Sightseeing spot

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  • Central AreaKitamoto City

    Glicopia East

    This is a unique factory tour facility where you can have a fun time while learning about the world of sweets. …

  • Eastern AreaYashio City

    Nakagawa Yashio Flower Park

    Located on the Nakagawa Riverbed of about 13,000 square meters, the contrast between the 120 pink peach blossoms…

    Parks / Gardens Scenery / Landscape Flower

  • Central AreaOkegawa City

    Benibana (Safflower museum)

    This cultural facility is a renovated private house built in the late Meiji era. Here you can partake in variou…


  • Central AreaOkegawa City

    Nakasendo Post Town

    Okegawa-shuku, a post town along Nakasendo that retains its old atmosphere and is home to cultural properties su…

    Historical and Cultural facilities

  • Central AreaKonosu City

    Around Cosmos Arena Fukiage

    12 million cosmos flowers bloom on the fields along the Arakawa riverbank. Enjoy the impressive view of the Chic…

  • Western AreaNiiza City


    Miyoonzawa springs up in a wooded area on a steep slope along the Kurome river in the southern part of the city.…

    Scenery / Landscape

  • Western AreaHanno City

    OH!!! Fermentation, wellness, and the magic of food!

    A fermentation theme park run by Pickles Corporation, a tsukemono (Japanese pickles) maker. There are select sh…

    Products / Direct sales shops

  • Western AreaSayama City


    As said in the "Sayama tea picking song", "Shizuoka is color, Uji is the scent, but flavor, that is limited to S…

    Products / Direct sales shops

  • Western AreaTokorozawa City

    Tokorozawa Sakura Town

    This is the hub for Tokorozawa City and KADOKAWA's project, COOL JAPAN FOREST vision, to create cutting-edge cul…

  • Western AreaHanno City

    Naguri Canoe Factory

    Surrounded by splendid nature, this is a factory where you can build canoes with the local Nishikawa timber. You…

    Tour / Experience facilities

  • Western AreaHanno City

    Nolla Naguri

    This is a combined facility to experience the Scandinavian culture. Rent a private tent sauna at the Sauna Club,…

    Products / Direct sales shops

  • Eastern AreaGyoda City

    Sakitama Kofun Park

    Sakitama Kofun Park is home to 9 large "kofuns", megalithic tombs where, among other things, the national treasu…


  • Chichibu AreaChichibu City

    Nakatsu Gorge

    This 10 km long gorge, running between Shiozawa and Nakatsu area, has been carved out by the mountain stream tha…


  • Chichibu AreaChichibu City

    Chichibu Muse Park

    This park is located in the beautiful Nagaonekyuryo mountains that extend over the border between Chichibu city …


  • Western AreaTokorozawa City

    Yamaguchi Reservoir

    This artificial lake straddles the boundary between Tokorozawa City and Iruma City, located in the south-central…

    Scenery / Landscape Flower

  • Western AreaKawagoe City

    Shingashi River behind the Kawagoe Hikawa Shrine

    Shingashi river, which flows behind Kawagoe Hikawa Shrine, is lined with 500 meters of cherry blossom trees that…


  • Western AreaKawagoe City

    Kawagoe Suijo Park

    Kawagoe Suijo Park is a prefectural park that opened in July 1988. Here you can enjoy cherry blossom viewing in…

    One-day bathing and leisure facilities

  • Central AreaKawaguchi City

    Auto race

    An asphalt oval course with a lap of 500 meters. The start and goal line is different, and the standard race is …

    One-day bathing and leisure facilities

  • Central AreaSaitama City

    Iwatsuki Castle Site Park

    This park built on the ruins of Iwatsuki Castle is a lush natural space with trails to explore and open areas to…


  • Western AreaKawagoe City

    500 Rakan statues of Kita-in

    "Rakan", or "Arhat" is a Buddhist term signifying a spiritual practitioner, or high priest, who has attained enl…

    Temples and Shrines

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