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  • Eastern AreaKazo City

    Roadside station Doyo no Furusato Otone

    This is the birthplace of “Kan’ichi Shimofusa”, a musician who produced famous nursery rhymes. It is said that t…

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  • Northern AreaHonjo City

    Honjō City Information Center

    This is a tourist information center located in the Honjō Station of JR Takasaki Line. Pamphlets related to tou…

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  • Northern AreaFukaya City

    Hanazono Forest

    Hanazono Forest is two minutes away from the Hanazono Interchange via car and is a sweets theme park with the th…


  • Western AreaIruma City

    Johnson Town

    In Johnson Town, you can find residential areas consisting of traditional American one-floor houses called "Beig…

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