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  • Eastern AreaYoshikawa City

    Yoshikawa Shrine

    In 1187, the Yoshikawa clan reestablished the indigenous deity of Suwa shrine as the guardian deity of the Yoshi…

    Temples and Shrines Festivals and Traditional performing arts

  • Eastern AreaYoshikawa City

    Hanayoi Glass Studio

    At the Hanayo Glass Studio of Tamami Sudo, a glass blowing artist who has done exhibitions at numerous famous de…

    Tour / Experience facilities

  • Eastern AreaYoshikawa City

    Nigou Hantou Matsuzawa Senbei

    This is a long-established rice cracker shop known for its large signboard. The cute "namazu sembei (rice cracke…


  • Eastern AreaYoshikawa City

    Wagashi Tsukasa Marushin

    A well-established Japanese sweets shop in Yoshikawa City that has been in business for 60 years. It was relocat…


  • Eastern AreaYoshikawa City

    Yoshikawa Tourism Association Rental Cycle

    Free rental bicycles are available at the Number 1 Bicycle Parking Lot, only a two-minute walk from the north ex…


  • Eastern AreaYoshikawa City

    Aquaignis Musashino Onsen

    This natural hot spring was opened in June 2021 in Aeon Town Yoshikawa Minami, with the theme of ''taste, pleasu…

    One-day bathing and leisure facilities

  • Eastern AreaYoshikawa City

    The Golden Catfish (Kin no Namazu)

    This golden monument of a catfish, a symbol of Yoshikawa City, sits proudly in the middle of the rotary by the s…


  • Eastern AreaYoshikawa City


    Located at the north exit of Yoshikawa Station on the JR Musashino Line, Rappi-Land offers a wide variety of goo…

    Products / Direct sales shops

  • Eastern AreaKasukabe City

    Roadside Station Showa

    Roadside Station Showa is surrounded by a rural landscape of fertile farmland, small forest grooves, and pastora…

    Restaurants Sweets Sake Products / Direct sales shops