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Sightseeing spot

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  • Central AreaKitamoto City

    Saitama Nature Study Center

    Located in the Kitamoto Nature Observation Park, this is a facility that serves as a base for Saitama Prefecture…

  • Western AreaKawajima Town

    Kinbue Syoyu Park

    You can experience the aspects: “to eat,” “to learn,” “to buy,” “to play” at Saitama Prefecture Kawajima-machi’s…

  • Western AreaRanzan Town

    Saitama Prefectural Ranzan Historical Museum

    Our building is located in a place that has undergone a transition from the Kamakura period’s samurai’s palace, …


  • Chichibu AreaYokoze Town

    Saitama Prefectural Forest Park

    The Saitama Prefectural Forest Park is a recreation area that spreads northwards of the Maruyama mountain (altit…

  • Central AreaSaitama City

    The Railway Museum

    The railway museum opened on October 14th of 2007 in Saitama Ōmiya as part of Japan Railways (JR) Group’s 20th-a…

  • Western AreaTokorozawa City

    Tokorozawa Aviation Memorial Park

    The large park has an area of about 50 hectares. Within the park, there are sports facilities, an athletic field…

  • Eastern AreaHanyu City

    Saitama Aquarium

    This aquarium centers around exhibiting about 70 different types of freshwater fish that live in the Saitama Pre…

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  • Chichibu AreaNagatoro Town

    Fujisaki Soubei-Shoten Nagatoro-Gura

    Established 290 years ago, Nagatorogura Sake Brewery and Boutique Store is a sake brewery that inherits the ambi…

  • Central AreaSaitama City

    Saitama Prefectural Museum of History and Folklore

    The Museum of History and Folklore collects and stores documents related to Saitama’s history and folklore. Thro…


  • Chichibu AreaOgano Town


    “Dohyō Rotenburo (sumo ring open-air bath)” is built with the motif of Kokugikan(Sumo Arena). Birds singing i…


  • Northern AreaYorii Town

    Saitama Museum of Rivers

    The Saitama Museum of Rivers is an experience-oriented comprehensive museum centering around the Arakawa river w…

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  • Northern AreaKamisato Town

    Kamisato Cantare

    “Cantare” means “to sing” in Italian. At this garden with its vibrant and fun atmosphere, much like in the Sout…

  • Chichibu AreaNagatoro Town

    Saitama Museum of Natural History

    The fossils of the large shark, “Megalodon”, and the mysterious sea animal, “Paleoparadoxia”, found within Saita…


  • Western AreaTokorozawa City

    Tokorozawa Aviation Museum

    The aviation museum was built on the ruins of the Tokorozawa Airport, Japan’s first airport. There are displays …


  • Northern AreaFukaya City

    Hanazono Forest

    Hanazono Forest is two minutes away from the Hanazono Interchange via car and is a sweets theme park with the th…


  • Eastern AreaGyoda City

    Saitama Prefectural Museum of Sakitama Ancient Burial Mounds

    From the “Sakitama Kofun (Tumulus)” built between the late 5th century to the early 7th century to the national …

  • Chichibu AreaNagatoro Town

    Hana No Omotenashi Choseikan

    Saitama Prefecture Nagatoro-machi. Established in Taishō 4 (1915), we have walked alongside the history of Nagat…


  • Chichibu AreaChichibu City

    Saitama Forest Science Museum

    The Saitama Forest Science Museum is a place where citizens of the prefecture can learn about both forest and fo…

    Parks / Gardens Scenery / Landscape

  • Central AreaSaitama City

    The Museum of Modern Art, Saitama

    The Museum of Modern Art Saitama (MOMAS) opened in 1982 in the greenery rich Kitaurawa Park. From artistic maste…


  • Northern AreaKumagaya City

    Toki-no-Yu Onsen Hotel Heritage

    Only an hour away from Tokyo. It is a natural hot spring resort surrounded by the deep and quiet forest of the S…

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