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Tour of the Pocky and Pretz Factory: Glico Pia East

 I am Chankoba , and I will be teaching you about the sightseeing in Saitama.


There are many factory tours available in Saitama. Today we will be touring the Glico Pia East factory,

where the internationally popular Pocky and Pretz are made.


Go through the entrance and head to the information desk.


Now let’s start the factory tour!

This tour is about the 50 year history of Glico, including the vending machines and previous snacks made by Glico.

 Next is the manufacturing process of the popular snack, Pocky.

In one day about 55,000 boxes of Pocky are made in the factory, so the tour will take about 1 hour.

※Taking pictures during the tour is prohibited, so please be careful.

Next is the tour of the manufacturing process of Pretz.

After the factory tour ends, freshly made Pretz is given out!

For only 500 yen you can personally decorate a giant Pocky, no reservations needed.


Use the white chocolate as glue to decorate the Pocky.


There are also snacks that you can only buy at the shop in the factory.

Admission Fee Free Admission
Address 9-55, Nakamaru, Kitamoto-shi, Saitama, 364-0013, Japan
Parking Lot(Free) Available
Official site

Factory access


【1】Tokyo ~ The nearest station

Take the Takasaki Line from Tokyo Station or Ueno Station to Kitamoto Station.

Go out the East Exit and go down the stairs on the left side.


【2】The nearest station ~ Factory

 1. Bus

Get on the green Ken-chan Bus.

The timetable on the top is for the morning buses, while the bottom timetable is for the afternoon buses.

In the bus is a button like in the picture, please press this when you want to get off.

Put the fare money and numbered ticket in the box with fare written on it. (Adults: 200 yen, Children: 100 yen)

It takes about 10 minutes to get to the Glico Factory Bus Stop.

Tell the taxi driver to take you to Glico Pia East.

The fare should be no more than 1,500 yen.


【3】Factory ~ The nearest station

1. Bus

It will take about 10 minutes to get to Kitamoto Station. (Adults: 200 yen, Children: 100 yen)

The boarding places for buses differ during the morning and afternoon, so please be careful.

The morning route is marked by yellow while the afternoon route is marked with red.


2. Taxi

The people at the factory ticket counter can call a taxi for you. Tell the taxi driver to take you to Kitamoto Station.

The fare should be no more than 2,000 yen.

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